Vinski ja ­näkymättömyys­pulveri


Vinski ja näkymättömyyspulveri (Vinski and the Invisibility Powder), directed by Juha Wuolijoki was released in December 2021. The feature became a theatrical box office hit in Finland with over 100 000 admissions within its first quarter.

The film also received 5 Jussi Award Nominations in 2022, including the best film of the year. World sales are held by Attraction Media.

The film is produced by Snapper Films and distributed by Nelonen Media in Finland.

The family feature is based on a beloved children’s novel Koko kaupungin Vinski (1954) by the well-known author Simo Puupponen aka Aapeli.

After meeting a mysterious pharmacist, 10-year-old Vinski is given a bottle of magical powder that allows him to become invisible and walk through walls. With his new powers, Vinski is tasked with saving his hometown of Hömpstad from a group of criminals and he becomes Hömpstad’s invisible superhero.