Vinski and the Invisibility Powder stars Finland’s frontline actors – the film is currently in production

Nelonen Media has acquired both the theatre and TV rights to a family fantasy film Vinski and the Invisibility Powder directed by Juha Wuolijoki and produced by Snapper Films Oy. Through this film, Nelonen Media begins film distribution in Finland. By investing in film distribution, Nelonen Media will bring the most popular Finnish films in the future for viewing in TV and Ruutu as well as theatres.

The film is starring by Pirjo Heikkilä (Pirjo, Onnela), Jussi Award winner Mikko Leppilampi (Ivalo, Downshiftaajat) and multiple Jussi and Venla awarded Martti Suosalo (Suomen hauskin mies, Tappajan näköinen mies). Ten year old Kuura Rossi is debuting in the main role of Vinski.  Other roles are played young Fiona Iyare and Jussi Award winner Hannu-Pekka Björkman (Ihmisen osa, Joulutarina).

Vinski and the Invisibility Powder film is based on Aapeli’s novel Koko kaupungin Vinski (1954), popular with many generations. Vinski and the Invisibility Powder is written by Wuolijoki, Jussi awarded Jari Olavi Rantala and Mauri Ahola.

Vinski and the Invisibility Powder film is set in an imaginary town Hömpstad in the modern times. Vinski meets a mysterious pharmacist who sells Vinski invisibility powder, with which he is able to walk through walls. For Vinski’s trouble, also the criminals are interested in the invisible turning secret. 

Director Juha Wuolijoki is best known for his well-recognized Christmas Story sold to 120 countries as well as multiple Jussi Award winning biography film Hella W based on Hella Wuolijoki.

Vinski and the Invisibility Powder film’s cinematographer is Jussi awarded Mika Orasmaa.

The film is currently in production.