Christmas Story reclaims #1 position

Christmas Story continues to dominate the Finnish box office. In its fifth weekend in theaters, the family film reclaimed its #1 position after a brief visit to second place during Independence Day weekend, which featured the premiere of a Finnish war film.

With total admissions up to 175.000, The Finnish Film Foundation expects Christmas Story to become the most successful domestic feature of the year. So far, the live-action family film (60 screens) has topped, for example, the Finnish animation Quest for A Heart (67 screens) and New Line Cinema’s Golden Compass (71 screens) and knocked the previous front-runner, Disney hit Ratatouille (66 screens), to second place.

Christmas Story is the feature debut by Juha Wuolijoki and recounts the unique and amazing journey of Santa Claus on his way to becoming the Santa that the world knows and loves. The film was opened by Sandrew Metronome on November 16th across Finland. Canada-based world sales agent Delphis Films plans to organize its international market premier of the film at EFM in Berlin next February.