John Turturro for Christmas Story

Finnish hit sold to 10 countries

Snapper Films has attached Golden Globe nominated actor John Turturro for the English-language dub of the Finnish hit “Christmas Story”. Todd Thaler (“Leon”, “Arthur and the Invisibles”) is casting.

“Christmas Story is a lovely film for the whole family – enchanting”, said Turturro (“Transformers”, “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou”) after a private screening in New York. Juha Wuolijoki, the director and producer of the film, will direct the dub in New York in March.

The international market premiere of “Christmas Story” was at EFM in Berlin two weeks ago. Since that, Canada-based world sales agent Delphis Films Inc. has sold the pic to ten countries. Flins & Piniculas acquired Spanish rights and will release the film theatrically in Spain Christmas 2008. Other sold territories include, for example, France, Turkey, Greece, Mexico, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Scandinavia.

Top-grossing Finnish film of 2007 with more than 265.000 admissions, “Christmas Story” is the feature debut by Juha Wuolijoki and recounts the unique and amazing journey of Santa Claus on his way to becoming the Santa that the world knows and loves. “Christmas Story” was released theatrically in Finland in November 2007 by Sandrew Metronome, the Scandinavian distributor of the film.

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