Multiple territory release for Christmas Story

Delphis Films and Snapper Films are pleased to announce multiple territory theatrical release for their Finnish picture Christmas Story this coming holiday season. The territories include Spain, mainland China, Serbia, Greece, Estonia, Norway, French Canada, Sweden and a re-release in its home country, in addition to DVD release in France (Pathe), Mexico and Blue-ray/DVD in Finland as well as TV broadcast in a number of countries.

In Spain, Flins & Piniculas is planning a 200-print release in December. In mainland China where the film is reportedly one of the 3 foreign language films to be released in Dec-Jan, the film will open on Dec 19 on about 100 screens in a dozen major provinces and cosmopolitan centers. “As a native Chinese, I am very impressed with the enthusiasm shown by our Chinese distributor in embracing a film about Santa Claus. It really shows to some degrees how much the Chinese market has opened up to western cultures over the past two decades. Santa will surely have a busy time this year around to grant the wishes of millions of small kids in China,” says Xiaojuan Zhou, President of Delphis Films who also takes the title of Executive Producer of the film.

Christmas Story is the feature debut by Juha Wuolijoki and recounts the unique and amazing journey of Santa Claus on his way to becoming the Santa that the world knows and loves. The film, produced by Snapper Films, has won several international awards and was the top-grossing Finnish film of 2007.

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